Survivor Season 22 Episode 13


This show rocks! Survivor is back this week and surely will excite with its newest Episode that will air on Tonight. Survivor is now on its Episode 13 in Season 22 entitled Too Close For Comfort. Be sure to watch it you'll love and like every moment of the Episode.

The competition/reality display exactly where several contestants tend to be stranded inside a remote control area along with a bit more compared to clothing on the back again. The actual contestants begin split in to 2 groups which contend towards one another, using the dropping group pressured in order to election an associate away; once the amounts tend to be decreased in order to 10 contestants, the actual groups combine and it is everybody with regard to him- or even himself. The actual single survivor of the procedure requires house the zillion bucks.

Episode Summary: The contestant's arrange for a large proceed might become harmful.